Relationship Information
Between Twelfth Doctor

Clara Oswald

Status Best Friends
Roleplayers MermaidatHeart


Clara: "You're going to help me?"
The Doctor: "Well, why wouldn't I help you?"
Clara: "Because of what I just did. I just--"
The Doctor: "You betrayed me. Betrayed my trust, you betrayed our friendship, you betrayed everything that I've ever stood for. You let me down!"
Clara: "Then why are you helping me?"
The Doctor: "Why? Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?"
- The Doctor and Clara after her betrayal to him in a dream scenario

Twelara (Twel/ve and Cl/ara) is the friendship pairing of the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald. The two are best friends, but get along less easily than Clara did with his previous Incarnation. Clara is the Doctor's first companion in his Twelfth Incarnation.


  • Both are canon characters.
  • Both are very intelligent.
  • Both are very witty.
  • Both are very adventurous.
  • Both have had many different lives.
  • Both travel in time and space.
  • Both have been to space.
  • Both have been in the Time Vortex.
  • Both have been in the TARDIS.
  • Both are currently associated with Coal Hill School.

The Doctor's Opinion of ClaraEdit

Clara's Opinion of the DoctorEdit

Clara knows and realizes that the new Doctor is very different from the Doctor that she has known and trusted. She finds the new incarnation of the Doctor very difficult to get along with, because she cannot control and be in charge of him, unlike she was able to do with his previous incarnation. She understands that he won't ever be the same person that he used to be, and this sometimes makes her upset. However, she still tries her best to get along with him, knowing that he is still her best friend, and that he is really the same person on the inside. Now that her life has become more complicated and difficult, balancing a boyfriend as well as travelling with the Doctor, she likes to keep her two lives separate. She dislikes whenever they cross into each other, as she likes everything neat. She still finds fascination and wonder in her adventures with the Doctor, and she tries to get along with the Doctor, even if it is difficult, and even if they have their arguments. She still wants to be with the Doctor, and she still thinks of him as her best friend, even if she doesn't always feel that way.