• Hey, Emilia! How have you been lately? :)

    So, Mira and I were talking on the Hogwarts wiki, and we wanted to get this roleplay active again. And of course, since you're the one that made this wki, I wanted to see if you'd like to join us. I feel like making up some planets, and having Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen and their crew go adventuring in their TARDIS. (Wait, no TARDISes. I think that's plural for TARDIS.) I'm probably going to begin a conversation at Southampton Storage Facility as Sparky, and I'll wait for Thirteen and Parker to take off to casually insert Lawrence. Also, Twelve ought to show Oliver and Remy his TARDIS, after all he ships them like it's his job, and he loves keeping secrets from Clara on purpose.

    What do you say? Are you up for it? (If you're not that's fine, I just wanted to see if you were interested.)

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