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Relationship Information
Between Thirteenth Doctor

Parker Wood

Status Friends
Roleplayers Summer bee 13


"If you want to live Parker, shoot the aliens."
The Doctor to Parker during their first encounter.[src]
Thirker (Thir/teen and Par/ker) is the friendship pairing of the Thirteenth Doctor and Parker Wood. Parker is the Doctor's companion in his Thirteenth Incarnation, and the two travel in time and space together.


  • Both are very intelligent.
  • Both travel in time and space.
  • Both are time travelers.
  • Both have been into space.
  • Both have been into the Time Vortex.
  • Both have visited Earth.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both are very adventurous.
  • Both currently reside in the TARDIS.

The Doctor's Opinion of ParkerEdit

The Doctor admires Parker for her intelligence and wits in battle, but doesn't always approve of her sarcastic attitude towards him (on the odd occasion). But, the Doctor does want Parker to be able to hold in certain situations when he needs help. Even though he knows that Parker is a younger companion (17 to be exact), he wants to help Parker mature a bit more and help her "grow up".

Parker's Opinion of the DoctorEdit

Parker admires the Doctor, and she thinks that he is an amazing and wonderful person. She admires his intelligence, but however, she does not always show this. She can sometimes be a very sarcastic person around the Doctor, and she doesn't like being patronized or babied by him, because she recognizes that he is superior to her. She likes being treated as an equal to him, because she is very confident in herself, and even though the Doctor is much older, experienced, and more intelligent, she isn't afraid to put him in his place when he needs to be. She is very thankful for the amazing places and adventures that they go on, and she loves travelling with him.