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Relationship Information
Between Remira Tenshin

Oliver Roy

Status Dating
Roleplayers Summer bee 13


Remiver (Rem/ira and Ol/iver) is the romantic pairing of Remira "Remy" Tenshin and Oliver Roy. The two are dating, and they have been for two years.


  • Both are teachers at Coal Hill School.
  • Both are very intelligent.
  • Both are very witty.
  • Both are kind.
  • Both currently live in Peckham, London, England.
  • Both currently live in the Powell Estate.
  • Both are in their twenties.
  • Both have graduated school.
  • Both were not born in England.
  • Both are time travelers.
  • Both are companions of the Twelfth Doctor.
  • Both are humans.

Oliver's Opinion of RemyEdit

Oliver loves Remy dearly, and she is the person that he cares about the most. He thinks that she is perfect in every way, and he considers himself very lucky to have her in his life. He knows that Remy will always be there to cheer him up and put a smile on his face, and he feels like she really understands him. He will always be there for her, taking care of her, supporting her, and he wants to be with her for the rest of his life. The two years that he has spent with Remy have been the best two years of his life, and he plans on proposing to her very soon.

Remy's Opinion of OliverEdit

Remy feels extremely lucky to have a boyfriend like Oliver. She loves his intelligent and kind personality. She would do anything to help Oliver and will always be there for him, especially when times get rough. She loves how Oliver can cheer her up or make her feel better, no matter what she has been through. She loves Oliver with all of her heart, and would be happy out of her mind if Oliver proposed to her.