Relationship Information
Between Clara Oswald

Remira Tenshin

Status Friends
Roleplayers Miramc22

Summer bee 13

Clamira is the friendship pairing between Clara Oswald (Cla/ra) and Remira Tenshin (Re/mira)


  • Both are female.
  • Both are friends and companions of the The Doctor.
  • Both are very intelligent.
  • Both are teachers at Coal Hill School.
  • Both are very kind.
  • Both are witty.
  • Both reside at the Powell Estate.

Clara's Opinion of RemiraEdit

Clara thinks that Remira is a great person and a great friend, and she loves hanging out and talking with her. Remira is probably one of Clara's closest friends at Coal Hill School, even though she doesn't talk about the Doctor, or about her adventures, with her. She likes to think that she and Remira are good friends, and she is one of her good friends at Coal Hill School. She would love to hang out with Remira more often, and she thinks that Remira is a great, wonderful, and funny person.

Remira's Opinion of ClaraEdit

Remira likes Clara as a very close friend. She never really had any other friends who were girls growing up (due to Remira's brothers) so she appreciates the company that Clara gives her. She would love to hang out with Clara at sometime. Remira also holds her friendship with Clara dear because she can consult Clara for advice for things that she would rather not bring up with Oliver.